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uRAD Smart Traffic Compact

· Traffic control in Smart Cities
· Vehicle tracking across multiple lanes.
· Individual measurement of vehicle speed.
· Identification of different types of vehicles.

The most efficient and compact traffic control solution.

uRAD Smart Traffic Compact is a radar solution specially designed for smart cities, enabling non-invasive traffic control in urban and interurban areas. This sensor represents the most compact and low-consumption version of uRAD Smart Traffic systems, incorporating MODBUS RS-485 communication , LTE-4G connectivity and uRAD's most advanced radar technology


Our systems are highly accessible, easy to install and configure, as well as extremely versatile, capable of being implemented on any road. Additionally, they stand out for their exceptional accuracy, surpassing 95% effectiveness.


Results and reports

Monitored Data and Results

From each detected target, we obtain the timestamp, speed, lane, and vehicle type. This information can be accessed via RS-485 connection using a standard MODBUS RTU protocol.

Low power consumption

The low power consumption (2.5W) makes it perfect for long-lasting battery projects and efficient energy usage. Additionally, it offers powerful performance and a variety of features that make it suitable for electronics, IoT, and embedded systems.


The equipment is configurable through an API to upload data to any desired cloud platform. Additionally, it is certified as an IoT sensor powered by FIWARE , the most widely adopted international standard for Smart Cities.


Real-time web platform

We also offer a customizable web platform that allows real-time visualization of traffic monitoring statistics. Users can easily and quickly download reports.

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Be part of the change to Smart Cities

Discover the potential of uRAD Smart Traffic Compact

Velocity measurement up to 180 Km/h.

Urban and interurban roads.

Dense or light traffic scenarios.

Monitoring of up to 4 lanes with one radar.
* Up to 3 lanes in one direction.

Vehicle counting with positive (moving away) and negative (approaching) speed simultaneously.

Differentiation between regular, medium, and long vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians.

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