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The following demonstration videos show some of the many applications uRAD can be used for. Contact us to evaluate your own application.

Traffic monitoring

uRAD Industrial together with the Tracking Software can be used for the counting and classification of vehicles on multi-lane roads, in both directions of traffic, in urban, interurban environments, highways, etc. Along with the count you also get the speed and the type of vehicle.

People counting and tracking

In this video, uRAD Industrial model is used as a sensor for people counting and tracking. It can be placed on the ceiling or on the wall, outdoors or indoors, with a maximum range of 10-12 meters. Specific software and firmware for this application is included with purchase.

Vital signs

In the following video, the sensitivity of uRAD is exploited to measure a person's breath rate through chest displacements. Even the heart rate can be extracted with uRAD.


In this video uRAD works as a high accurate altimeter for drones, showing more accurate measurements than the usual altitude measurement methods such as barometers or GPS.

Portable radar with mobile app

uRAD USB can be used as a portable radar with a mobile phone thanks to the app included with the purchase. Four different modes with standard and advanced settings to measure distance and velocity. Develop your own application using the open source libraries.