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uRAD Level Sensing

uRAD level sensing solution is a millimeter wave radar sensor specifically designed to measure frontal distance with outstanding accuracy. Discover the advantages of radar technology for industrial applications!

Versatile and easy to install

uRAD Level Sensing is easy to integrate thanks to its communication interface, open libraries and simplicity to use.


– Altimeter
– Flowmeter
– Filling sensor in different industrial sectors

uRAD Radar Level Sensing

From: 250,00 tax for EU not incl.

Main features:


  • Outstanding accuracy (less than 1 mm)
  • Large range (more than 100 m)
  • Two options: 60 or 77 GHz
  • High performance and affordable price


Our product includes:


  • uRAD Shield
  • PLA case and metallic covering
  • User manual
  • Specific firmware
  • Python, C++ and Arduino IDE libraries

Technical Support uRAD


Technical Support uRAD

PCB adaptador para controlar y alimentar directamente desde una Raspberry Pi.
Más info.

Technical Support uRAD

Custom Technical Support

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The power of radar. The power of you.

  • The custom technical support is a direct and personal communication cannel with our experts in radar technology. They will help you with anything related with uRAD.


    The custom technical support includes:


    • Evaluation of your application and study of the best configuration.
    • Help with libraries and functions of Arduino and Python.
    • Help with the Graphical User Interface.
    • Orientation with the programming of simple applications.
    • Theoretical information about radar technology.
    • Any question related with the general performance of uRAD and setup of the equipment.


    With the purchase of uRAD, a very complete User Manual, Tutorial and all the necessary software to use uRAD is delivered. However, you may need specific technical help. This is why we have created the custom technical support.


    If you have any question about the performance of uRAD prior to your purchase, you can ask without obligation through the contact form.