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uRAD Smart Radar Sensor

· Identification of pedestrians approaching pedestrian crossings.
· Activation of traffic signaling.
· Individual tracking of vehicle speeds.
· Monitoring of multiple lanes simultaneously.

The customized traffic management solution that adapts to your needs.

uRAD Smart Radar Sensor offers a customized solution for implementing non-invasive traffic applications in urban and interurban environments. This state-of-the-art device integrates uRAD's latest radar hardware for Smart Cities applications.


It stands out for its accessibility and ease of installation, as well as its versatility to adapt to any road and be configured according to various needs or use cases in a straightforward manner.


Additionally, it provides multiple communication interfaces such as RS-485, UART, opto-isolated GPIO, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, offering flexible and extensive connectivity.


Crosswalk Pedestrian Detection.

With uRAD Smart Radar Sensor, it is possible to detect pedestrians approaching crosswalks and provide a visual alert to both drivers and pedestrians, thus reducing the risk of accidents. This system is effective in both urban and interurban environments.

Velocity Monitoring

uRAD Smart Radar Sensor is used to control vehicle speed, ensuring pedestrian safety by alerting drivers about speed limits and deterring speeding.

Traffic Jam Mitigation

uRAD Smart Radar Sensor can be used to detect traffic patterns and vehicle speeds, the radar can notify drivers about impending congestion, allowing them to adjust their speed and change lanes in advance.

Road Safety in School Zones

The uRAD sensor can also be used as a pedagogical radar as a tool to enhance road safety near schools. It utilizes light signals to alert drivers about speed limits, thereby reducing the risk of accidents.

Join the transformation towards Smart Cities.

Discover the potential of uRAD Smart Radar Sensor

Velocity measurement up to 180 km/h and 100 m of distance.

Intelligent detection of pedestrians at crosswalks.

Detection of vehicles with positive speed (moving away) and negative speed (approaching) simultaneously.

Multiple lanes simultaneously.

Dense or light traffic scenarios.

Activation of light signals: pedagogical radar, warning, cyclists, traffic jams, etc.

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