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uRAD Smart Traffic

· Monitorización de tráfico para Smart Cities.
· Vehicle counting up to 6 lanes in two directions
· Individual speed of each vehicle
· Different types of vehicles recognized
· Reconocimiento de matrículas con cámara opcional

uRAD Smart Traffic radar for traffic monitoring with components

The easiest and most efficient way to monitor and optimise traffic

uRAD Smart Traffic are specific solutions in the field of smart cities para la monitorización de tráfico no invasiva en entornos urbanos. Estas soluciones personalizables para el conteo de vehículos integran nuestros radares junto con software y hardware específicos adicionales.


All our systems are affordable, easy to install and configure,very versatile since can be installed in any road, and outstandingly accurate, with an effectiveness higher than 99%.


Results and reports

Results and reports

The device contains a micro SD card where all detected information is saved in .csv files. For each detected target the information saved is timestamp, velocity, lane and vehicle type. We offer services to create reports with the different traffic statistics that are interest for each customer.

License plate

License plates recognition

Our most advanced solution integrates a high-resolution camera for applications where license plate recognition is needed. The system with camera also has the versatility to be used for vehicle monitoring without plate recognition.


Real time web application

También ofrecemos una plataforma web personalizable para visualizar estadísticas en tiempo real de monitorización de tráfico. Los usuarios también pueden descargar informes de forma rápida y sencilla.


Traffic statistics

Con la información proporcionada por uRAD Smart Traffic podrás estudiar, organizar, optimizar y monitorizar el tráfico de una ciudad o un entorno interurbano.

Discover our web app with traffic statistics!

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uRAD Smart Traffic platform for different devices

Be part of the change to Smart Cities

Discover the potential of uRAD Smart Traffic

  • Velocity measurement up to 180 Km/h.
  • Urban and interurban roads.
  • Dense or light traffic scenarios.
  • Up to 6 lanes monitoring with a single radar.

* Up to 3 lanes in each direction.

  • Counting vehicles with positive (go away) and negative (approach) velocity simultaneously.

Do it yourself! DIY kit to develop your own application

Plus simbol
Plus simbol
Raspberry Pi shield

Raspberry Pi

uRAD tracking software allows to count vehicles in multiple lanes, measuring the velocity and classifying them, with high accuracy and minimal configuration. This software consists of a Python program that has to be run in the master device (i.e. Raspberry Pi) that controls uRAD Industrial. This software together with the master device:



• Sends the corresponding configuration parameters to uRAD Industrial.
• Receives from uRAD Industrial the 3D point cloud with X, Y, Z space coordinates, velocity and SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio).
• Processes the point cloud to identify vehicles, extract their velocity and classify them.
• Saves a counting list with the relevant information.

Tracking of vehicles made by uRAD Smart Traffic radar solution
uRAD Smart Traffic radars
uRAD Smart Traffic radar solution for Smart Cities

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