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In addition to our standard products, which are perfect devices for developers and integrators, we are very focused on some specific applications, mainly within the Smart City framework. We have different solutions, including hardware and software.

1. uRAD Smart Traffic

Vehicle counting

uRAD Smart Traffic is a finished customizable solution for vehicle counting that integrates our radars along with additional specific software and hardware. We offer different customizable hardware solutions and services:


• Traffic counter:

Number of vehicles that drive in a road. Both directions. Different models for one or multiple lanes.


• Traffic statistics:

Individual velocity, average velocity, occupancy, traffic flow, seasonality, direction, etc.


• Vehicle discrimination:

Discern between different types of vehicles, bikes and people.


• License plates recognition:

Our most advanced solutions include high-resolution camera and license plates recognition software.


• Real time web application:

Information in a specific web server for each client, for visualizing any statistic in real time.


• Reports:

Periodic reports are provided for urban mobility projects.

In case you want to integrate your own solution, we also offer only the radar + specific software to develop your application.


IoT Radar Sensor

uRAD by Anteral together with the company Embeblue, develop sensor solutions that comprise the best of both companies: radar sensors, mainly for level sensing applications (although it can be extended to much more) with IoT capabilities.


• uRAD Industrial at 60 GHz for very high accuracy sensing applications (±1 mm).


• IoT connectivity: Wifi, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G, etc. to upload data to the cloud.


• Online dashboard for continuous data monitoring.


• Battery for stand-alone applications for months without power.


• GPS for sensor geolocation.


If you are interested in this type of solution, do not hesitate to contact us at or